ICONOMI redesign

ICONOMI redesign

Published on: 09 July 2020 15:27

Excited to share that the ICONOMI platform has had a full rebuild and redesign.

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Excited to share that the ICONOMI platform has had a full rebuild and redesign

Over the past 3 years CARUS-AR has been proud to have been a Crypto Strategy on the ICONOMI platform, like crypto there have been many ups and downs, but ICONOMI has never stopped developing and evolving.

We are very happy to see the fantatsic new design and codebase for the ICONOMI platform!

New ICONOMI dashboard

More professional looks and feel

The new design is more modern, with improved UX and a more unique look and feel.

New ICONOMI discover page

Easier to explore and choose

Finding what you need has become easier, search function is improved and lots of minor design touches.

New ICONOMI Crypto Strategies page

Rebuild from ground up

ICONOMI shared with me that the news platform has been rewritten from the ground up to be modular. it is developed in Angular and optimized to be used as a Progressive Web App (PWA).

New ICONOMI platform on mobile

Faster and easier to evolve

The new platform is the core for the future developments for ICONOMI, CARUS-AR is very excited about the future potential of the platform.

Have a look at the new and improved ICONOMI platform

Please be aware that the new design is still in BETA and will change, see this article on ICONOMI helpdesk: Participating in ICONOMI Platform Beta testing.


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