A diversified cryptocurrency portfolio with the aim of mid- to long-term revenue and growth

An easy way to invest in the booming crypto and blockchain space


Attention: CARUS-AR is an investment in cryptocurrency using the ICONOMI platform. CARUS-AR does not guarantee any profits.
Investing in cryptocurrency is a high risk investment, never invest more than you are prepared to lose. Read disclaimer

What is a DAA

DAAs are the foundation of ICONOMI and include various combinations of digital assets. Arrays can consist of any number of underlying digital assets.

CARUS-AR (CAR) is a Digital Asset Array (DAA) availabe on the ICONOMI platform.

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How to invest

CARUS-AR (CAR) is available on the ICONOMI platform, yearly fee is only 2,75%.


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CARUS-AR (CAR) performance last month

Displayed is the daily USD price of the CARUS-AR DAA from 2018-08-01 up to 2018-09-02.

Net of fees. Past performance is not an indication of future results.

About the DAA

CARUS-AR (CAR) is a actively managed DAA investing in the developing and quickly growing crypto space. CARUS-AR presents a well diversified portfolio with the aim of mid- to long-term revenue and growth.

The DAA is not about short-term profits; we invest in the best mid- to long-term crypto and blockchain projects and provide an easy way to invest in this booming new market.

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About the CARUS-AR DAA manager

Menno Pietersen - DAA Manager CARUS-AR

Menno Pietersen is a front-end web designer and developer with a passion for investing and cryptocurrency. He has been running a full-service web agency for over eight years.

He first went down the crypto rabbit hole in early 2016, and since then he has been reading and watching all he can to get an inside perspective on the many crypto projects in the blockchain space.

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Invest using CARUS-AR

Investing in the cryptocurrency market using CARUS-AR is now possible using the ICONOMI platform.

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The CARUS-AR portfolio

Below you can see the cryptocurrencies included in the CAR Array, these will be updated when the holdings and/or weights change.

Last update: April 20th, 2018


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The CARUS-AR investment policy

The CARUS-AR strategy is to invest in good mid- to long-term projects while holding a good diversified portfolio. Take profit on the way up, then reinvest in undervalued coins or exciting ICOs. The general strategy for investing in the growing crypto market is:

  • diversify and hold (HODL)
  • regular rebalancing every month: sell a small percentage of well performing assets, reinvest in good opportunities
  • additional rebalancing if an asset surpasses 25% weight or makes large moves up
  • emergency rebalancing during critical events (CARUS-AR does not sell on panic or news, but we do try to trade major events)
  • no maximum number of assets, which are added based on fundamental analysis and potential

More information can be found in the CARUS-AR FAQ