Create your own Crypto Fund at ICONOMI

CARUS-AR is giving away 2 access tickets!

Apply & Win exclusive access

Be among the first to create your own Crypto Fund at ICONOMI.

What are the benefits?

You get to:

  • Create & manage your own Crypto Fund.
  • Choose from 70+ cryptocurrencies.
  • Invite friends to invest.

Users will need to register at ICONOMI to create a Crypto Fund.

Check out the ICONOMI page

How to get exclusive access?

Sorry the giveaway signup has ended!

The winners will be drawn on Friday 14th of June 2019
(10:00 CEST, Amsterdam time).

So sorry about the audio issues!

The winners were:
Andrea Minaldo
Ricardo Konlack Dzome

Will send your email to ICONOMI and they will provide access. as soon as possible.

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