Visiting Dutch Blockchain Days 2023 in Amsterdam

Published on: 16 June 2023

Had a exciting, educational and fun time visiting the Dutch Blockchain Days 2023 in Amsterdam. Hearing about some of the latest Blockchain, WEB3 and Crypto developments.

Great talks and presentations

I had a fantastic time with all those attending DBD23023, happy to hear many projects still developing and having a positive, long-term view. Below an overview of 3 of the talks I enjoyed.

Token powered loyalty: next generation growth hack

A interesting product and use-cse within WEB3 for me as a web designer is was presented by Steffen Boode and Peter Polman from THX Network.


Steffen Boode from THX Network at DBD2023

THX aims to drive growth and revenue with a token-powered Loyalty Engine.

The demo showed a great way to engage with web audience using quests and social media tasks to gain rewards in the form of tokens, NFTs or discounts.

For me as a web designer I see potential use cases and extra services I could provide using THX Network.

Digital Identity, verifiable credentials (W3C)

Not totally Crypto related, but very crucial for WEB3 and a secure web was the talk from Sten Reijers about secure identity online.


Sten Reijers from Ver.iD presenting at DBD2023

How can we securely prove who we are in a digital world? Can we still own our information and data, but also share it when needed to prove we are above 18 years old or need to share secure information?

Ver.iD helps websites, and companies accept digital identity wallets, onboard users and provides document signing and login.

Legal update for web3 companies

Was very happy to meet Willem-Jan Smits from Watson Law again, Willem-Jan as already advised me for Crypto regulation in The Netherland.


Willem-Jan Smits from Watson Law at DBD2023

Important legal updates

During the presentation we got the latest updates around EU and Dutch Crypto regulations, mostly focusing on The Markets in Cryptoassets (MiCA) Regulation governing issuance and provision of services related to cryptoassets and stablecoins.

Great to hear a update on this as regulation and rules for crypto are needed for the market to mature and improve.

Networking and fun

The mood during the event was very positive and social. Had a great time talking to many involved with Crypto and WEB3.

Lunch time and networking at DBD2023

Lunch time and networking at DBD2023

Fantastic to see a lot of development continuing for Crypto and WEB3, on a technical and work level I would not say we are in a bear market at all...

Menno Pietersen from CARUS-AR attending DBD2023

Menno Pietersen from CARUS-AR attending DBD2023

Thanks to the Dutch Blockchain Days 2023 team for organizing a great event, I even joined some of the team later at night for come drinks in Amsterdam center!

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