CARUS-AR donates ROAM 'rider with seat' to ALS op de weg Foundation

Published on: 23 December 2021

Happy to share that CARUS-AR has donated a 'Rider with seat' to ALS op de weg (Dutch for ALS on the road). The special bicycle, made by the Dutch company ROAM, allows for people that suffer from ALS to maintain a higer quality of life for longer.

Doing good

Sometimes crypto can be too much about only gains, percentages and prices. What truly matters in the end however is quality of life.

Very happy to be in a position with CARUS-AR to give something back to a great charity.

About ALS

ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord.

The disease is fatal, and the average life expectancy after diagnosis is two to five years, but some patients may live for years or even decades. There is no known cure to stop or reverse ALS.

Because of the degeneration of the muscles ALS patients need specialized methods of transport, these can be expensive and since the disease progresses so quickly, patients needs different types of support often. The ALS op de Weg foundation helps people with this.

ALS op de Weg

The ALS op de Weg foundation helps people with ALS. Quality of life for people with ALS is important for the family, relatives and friends.

The ALS Foundation has the mission to help people, where possible and where insurance and WMO are not available, to increase the quality of life during the last phase of life of ALS.

The ROAM 'rider with seat' donated to ALS op de Weg by CARUS-AR

The ROAM 'rider with seat' donated to ALS op de Weg by CARUS-AR

ROAM Special Cycles

The rider donated to ALS op de Weg has been made by ROAM Special Cycles.

Roam Special Cycles B.V. is a manufacturer of special bicycles for very diverse purposes. From a low entry bike to specially balanced means of transport for the disabled.

I would like to thank ROAM for helping CARUS-AR and ALS op de Weg find the best special bicycle for ALS patients.

The ROAM 'rider with seat'

The ROAM 'rider with seat'

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